The Factions

The Elves of the Viridian Wode

Wood Elves who kill those who trespass in their forest. Guerilla warfare elves. They rob anyone who enters their forest and deliver the gold as a tithe to the Overlord, in return for which he lets them run their forest without interference.

Their regent is Queen Imyrr. Her consort is Llyendar, the Lightning Lord, the greatest swordsman in the realm.

Like their cousins, the High Elves, the Wood Elves were created by the True Elves, the Celestials, millennia ago, before they left the world. They were created as immortal servants who would tend the Elven Wodes.

The Elves of the Fallen City

High Elves who live amongst the ruins of the fallen Sun Elf city of Irranys. Literally fallen, as it was once a great floating Sky City dwarfing the Korajj.

Their regent is King Llyn. He takes an ascetic’s view toward the Overlord’s rein, preferring to retreat into contemplation and withdraw from the world. He and his people are immortal and this will all pass. His people rarely leave the Fallen City, seeing little of value without. His people appease the Overlord with gifts of Residuum found from exploring the ruins of the Fallen City. And stealing items from travelers and disenchanting them, obviously.

The Slave Lords of the Hanging City

Once allies of the Wood Elves and the High Elves, the Black Dwarves of Kenkarra are now their mortal enemies. When the Elves were brought to heel by the Overlord, they betrayed the Dwarves, tricking them into letting the Overlord’s army into their demesne.

Dwarves are hostile, dour, and bear long grudges, their nearest real-world analog are the Slavic peoples. They are all male, being, like the elves, created rather than born. Their skin is a mixture of flesh and stone.

Led by their Thane, Vaxx, they earn freedom to govern themselves in their underground world through the delivery of a constant supply of slaves to the High Overlord. They have many underground strongholds throughout Ǽndrim, but their capital is the great hanging city of Kenkarra under the White Mountains.

As are all Dwarves in this age, the Black Dwarves of Kenkarra are Stone Dwarves. Their brothers, the Steel Dwarves were killed millennia ago by the Army of Twilight, and their cousins the Fire Dwarves left this world soon thereafter to join their god Kul on the Plane of Fire.

The Stone Dwarves worship their creator Ord, the god of the Earth, and carry the power of Ord with them.

The Factions

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