The Conquerers

The Overlord’s Court; his police, the Hawklords; his fanatical death commandos, the Overmen; his spies, the Faceless Guard; all extend the tyrannical rule of the Overlord. Not all are necessarily evil, the Hawklords are just Men, but no player can begin as a member of any of these factions.

The Overlord


The only law comes from the tyrannical rule of Ajax the Invincible, who unlocked the secret of restoring a floating Sky Elf city and now demands tribute and fealty from all below. He christened his floating citadel, Korraj, The Floating City of the Invincible Overlord and while all fear him, his rule is remote.

Adventurers are called “ratcatchers” and viewed as vagabonds and brigands. The common people consider them dangerous, attracting conflict and death. It’s difficult for an adventurer to find a place to stay the night, most inns will serve them but not give them rooms.

The Overlord takes a “highly unfavorable” position toward adventurers and punishes those who aid them. In spite of this, they are necessary as the wilderness is dangerous, the Barons are weak, and the Overlord is far away. One may go a year or more without ever seeing the terrifying sight of the Korraj. So he sends out his Hawkriders to remind the people who their master is.

Hawklords of the High Aerie


Led by Wingmaster L’aan, these are humans who ride giant hawks, not flying men.

After murdering Good King Omund, Ajax quickly brought the Hawklords under his rule to use as his imperial guard. Mounted on their giant hawks, they project Ajax’s power, enforce his law and extend his influence into every corner of the wilderness.

The Hawklords receive the best equipment and live well, but many hate what they do. They’re aristocratic and look at the Overlord’s rule as a terrible inconvenience, largely trying to ignore it. Some few revel in their power, though these are looked down on by the more civilized Hawkmen.

Whenever a Hawklord alights in a town, everyone trembles in fear. The Hawklords have a reputation for spiriting dissidents to the Floating City, from which no man returns.

The Court of the Invincible Overlord

The Korraj is a large city, though who lives there and what kind of lives they lead, few on the ground ever learn. What is known are the names and roles of the Overlord’s Court.

Termacht the Overblade, head of the Faceless Guards, the secret police of the Overlord. It was Termacht, stories say, who slew the Good King on the order of Ajax. He is a legendary duelist.

Lytar the Overpriest, Priest of Nikros.

Mortum, the Overmage.

Baldric, Prince of Thieves. Not a formal member of the Overlord’s court, Baldric and Ajax have an understanding. How close their alliance runs, no man knows.

Mandrake the Betrayer, Dragonborn Captain of The Overmen, Ajax’s army.

Within a year of having the Good King murdered, Ajax visited the leaders of all the peoples of Ǽndrim and defeated them, demanding tribute.

The Faceless Guard

Led by Termacht the Overblade, these Changelings assume the form of other men and spy on the Overlord’s enemies. They are the spies and eyes, the secret police of the Overlord. Any man might be a member of the Faceless Guard, which is how they got their name. No one knows what they look like, or who might be a member.

The Faceless Guard also watch the Hawklords and the Overmen. Their name strikes fear into the heart of even the Overlord’s closest allies.

The Overmen

Led by Mandrake the Betrayer, the Overmen are the Overlord’s shock terror troops. His fanatical death commandos raised up from harsh conditions in the Wilderness and given lives of privilege. They wear silvered masks to hide their faces and are considered the greatest fighters of the age.

The Conquerers

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