The Legion of Dis

Nullus status nisi bellum, nullus lingua nisi ferro
“No nation but battle, no language but steel.”

The Caelian Legions were the ultimate projection of Imperial power. Each Legion was highly organized, with highly disciplined troops supported by siege equipment and battle magic. Each Legion had a magical Standard, said to be a legendary artifact.

Mercenary Companies

Only three Legions survived the fall of the Caelian Empire, each becoming one of the premiere mercenary companies in the world. The position of Legate, the commanding general of each Legion, remains. But their purpose has changed now that the Empire has fallen.

Only two remain, now that the 5th Legion was broken during the Battle Over the Kellmoss. No Legion has survived the loss of their Standard

The recovery of one of the four missing standards would be enough to attract followers to a new Legion.


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