Ratcatchers attempt to infliltrate Korraj
A bold group of ratcatchers attempt to sneak into Korraj

Ratcatchers is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign based on Matthew Colville’s campaign world and book series, with some liberties taken. The first book is available on Amazon and I recommend it regardless of participation in this campaign.

Character Creation

The Age of Conquest

In the 500 years since the fall of the Caelian Empire the land of Vasloria grew wild and dangerous. The forest primeval took back the marble temples and Caelian columns and the rule of Man disappeared. The only law: sword and claw.

Until the rule of Good King Omund, who united the far flung baronies. Under his rule, justice was the law of the land, distant outposts reconnected, ancient roads taken back from the forest. His Dragon Knights arrived in city and in town, announcing that a new Age of Men was dawning. That was 50 years ago.

Good King Omund was murdered 7 years ago and with him died any semblance of law. The Barons who once swore fealty to him now fight to maintain control of the lands immediately around their keeps and castles. The forest exerts its power, swallowing village and hamlet. Brigands and slavers abound!

The Conquerers
The Factions
The Races


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